Is Dawn dish soap safe for your pet?

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Dawn is a very popular dish soap that people use on a daily basis. It is thought to remove a lot of grease and grime from your pet’s fur as well when used during their weekly bath. Many pet lovers and owners have also found Dawn to be very beneficial when it comes to getting rid of fleas. If you are interested in using this soap on your animal, there are many things you need to know and do so that you and Continue reading

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Unsticking two dogs during their breeding.

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Many first-time dog breeders become concerned when their dogs get stuck together during the breeding process. This can be a very frightening sight, but it is important for breeders to realize that this is a natural part of the breeding process for dogs. The male’s genitals swell up during breeding to create this locking effect.

The reason this happens is to increase the chances of successful insemination of the females. Therefore, it is in the best interests of the breeder to allow the process to unfold naturally. Continue reading

What to do when a dog goes in shock?

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When a dog goes into shock, it can be fatal for them and a scary experience for you. But when you know what to do for a dog in shock, the things you do can be what is needed to save their life.

- You will first want to contact your vet. If fluids are needed, your vet will be the one that needs to give them.

- You should try and keep your dog warm by using a towel or blanket to wrap them up in. You do not want to apply heat though.

- In the case of Continue reading

Is Kennel Cough Really That Big Of A Deal?

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Unfortunately, kennel cough does not get nearly the kind of exposure it deserves when it comes to television advertising. You won’t find any ads about the dangers of the cough or what it can lead to when sandwiched between commercials for ADT security reviews and the like, and that’s really a shame when you think about it. Of course, truth be told, it’s not so much the cough itself that poses the danger – it’s how it can weaken the dog’s immune system and lead to other more serious complications.

Kennel cough, like its name, is a respiratory condition most dogs pick up whenever people decide to board their animals or place them in kennels where they are in constant, close proximity to other dogs. This is usually how the disease spreads so fast, but like I said earlier, it’s not the cough that is the problem, it’s what can develop. Diseases like pneumonia and a serious breakdown in your canine’s ability to resist illness are all some of the more major results of kennel cough. That’s why kennel cough should be treated the minute symptoms present. Otherwise, it could be too late for your canine companion and nobody wants that.

What is the proper diet for a diabetic dog?

August 6th, 2011 | Uncategorized | Comments Off   

Like people, dogs can get diabetes. It can be a genetic problem or due largely to poor diet, also like in humans. If is due to diet and the dog is overweight, putting him on a weight loss diet and increasing its exercise is essential or he will die young. Carefully consult with your veterinarian for a healthy weight loss diet for your dog.

If the dog has developed diabetes as a genetic predisposition, it is also essential to maintain a proper diet. Insulin shots may need to be given every twelve hours and diet and feeding times will Continue reading

Can cat food really give your dog cataracts?

August 3rd, 2011 | Uncategorized | Comments Off   

Not really. Although cataracts in dogs can be caused by insufficient nutrition, they are more often a sign of diabetes or simple aging. Diabetes in dogs is a result of the same thing it is in humans…genetics and obesity. As cat food is not optimized for dogs, it could cause ‘insufficient nutrition’ if fed to a dog as a sole diet.

However, feeding cat food, which tends to be richer and more concentrated, to a dog could cause obesity, thus diabetes, thus indirectly result in cataracts. Dogs should also not be fed cat food for several other Continue reading